Cognitive Diversity: a Two-Sided Sword


Recent research suggests that COGNITIVE DIVERSITY does not automatically lead to better-performing organisations!

In the recent MINDSONAR® GLOBAL CONFERENCE – 14th MAY 21, my Mindsonar colleague, Jaap Hollander discussed how, in the initial stages a homogenous group will, in the early days, outperform a heterogeneous cognitive group.

  • Why is it that a group of like-minded thinking styles and backgrounds can accomplish results quicker, but maybe restrict the range of solutions and result they produce?
  • What are the initial hurdles a COGNITIVE DIVERSE group need to proactively overcome before they benefit from the wider range of ideas and thinking styles?
  • What tools, like MINDSONAR® Psychometric measures, and raised COGNITIVE AWARENESS in the team can accelerate the success of a COGNITIVE DIVERSE team?

It takes time for members of diverse groups to work together effectively, due to their unfamiliarity with one another, which explains why homogeneous groups outperform heterogeneous groups in the early stages of group functioning.

MindSonar can be used to measure COGNITIVE DIVERSITY in a group and specifically measure the mindset elements and values of a team.

With this insight and data, specific actions can be taken to help group members understand and appreciate each other.

COGNITIVE DIVERSITY is a key driver of innovation and will be even more important than ever in dealing with new, uncertain, and complex situations now facing us as we transition to new ways of working and interacting.

With the added challenges of remote and hybrid working practices, COGNITIVE DIVERSITY is now more important than ever.

For organisations to be able to UNLOCK the COGNITIVE power of their people may be a huge challenge without the required understanding, the right tools, and the right expertise.

So how can we overcome this initial challenge and build those COGNITIVE DIVERSE teams in your organisation?

Simple, by working with myself, a UK based MindSonar certified professional you can unleash the powerful cognitive insights of MindSonar for your organisation.

The flexibility and the insights gained from the MindSonar Psychometric tool will enable your people to reach peak performance in their roles, improve business culture and communication leading to a competitive advantage for your organisation.

Book a call to discuss your current challenges and let’s see if myself and MindSonar® could move you past them.

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