MindSonar® - The next level model for our understanding

When I was at school and in most books, the model of our Solar System shows the planets etc, orbiting our sun.

A nice simple model for us to understand what is going on, but it was the only model I knew and therefore gave me a limited understanding of the true picture.

It was not until later I came across a more complex model which showed how our sun travels through space, dragging the planets behind it in a vortex motion that my understanding increased and things made more sense (or less sense in the time travel movies I love to watch).

As a MindSonar® professional, I now see how MindSonar® acts as this next-level model to help my clients understand their cognitive thinking style and motivation drivers in certain situations so that they can make informed changes.

MindSonar® measures and understands how you operate in given situations. It gets to the heart of cognitive thinking style, identifying blind spots, enabling drive, performance, modelling of skills and creating new possibilities. It moves beyond psychometric personality labels to understanding people in a given context; for individuals and teams. 

It is the next level model when it comes to understanding how we think and behave, one that gives us another view or perspective about ourselves that increases our awareness of ours strengths and blindspots.  

Just like the more complex model of the solar system, a MindSonar® Psychometric profile can give that ah-ha moment about what is really going on in our personal worldview.

Feel free to contact me, Peterg, if you would like to know more about how I can help.

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