What is MindSonar


MindSonar is Different

A new PSYCHOLOGICAL TOOL for a new world

MindSonar is a new type of psychological measurement as it is completely contextualised.

It does not attempt to define who you are, or try to label you.

We often think differently when we are in different situations and this can alter the way we respond and interact.

MindSonar is a psychological system that measures thinking styles and values using Metaprograms and Graves Drives Values.

MindSonar Psychometrics helps to get to the heart of your thinking, helping you understand yourselves and others better.


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Discovering how people think

 How useful would it be to have a clear picture of someone's mindset?

When you understand somebody's mindset, you can adapt your communication style.

Helping them change, match them to the right role, train them more easily, coach them, identify their strengths and blind spots, etc.

We do this not only with individuals but also with teams and organisations.

Dr Clare W. Graves Inventor of the categories used in Spiral Dynamics

Metaprograms and Graves Drives

Thinking styles and Values

Metaprograms are the building blocks of how people think.

Someone’s thinking style is made up of a combination of Metaprograms, making up a unique personal system.

Graves Drives describe what they find important, their values or criteria that they measure others by or themselves by.

Their Metaprograms determine their behaviour and their emotions in a given situation.

A different kind of test

This is not a personality test. Personality tests will tell you what you are like as a person; always and under any circumstances. Many people feel limited and ‘put in a box’ by these kinds of tests.

Worse some people will limit their success when labelled, using it as a crutch or excuse.

MindSonar measures how you think in a specific situation. We know that we think differently in different situations and this governs the way we act and react.

MindSonar does not assume that any thinking style is good or bad. Every thinking style has its time and place where it can be helpful.


Who Uses It?

Global Tool

MindSonar is being used all over the world by consultants, coaches, trainers and organisational developers.

It is a remarkably versatile tool and has been used by our MindSonar Certified Professionals to help;

  • individuals,
  • teams of people,
  • and leaders

get clarity on their thinking style strengths and blindspots.

Mindsonar - Build powerful teams

Many uses, single tool

> Improving human communication

> Supporting organisational change

> Resolving conflicts and disputes   

> Better recruitment, better employees

> Improving teams and performance

> Supporting personal development

Where does the name ‘MindSonar’ come from?

MindSonar® Etymology

The term ‘MindSonar’ uses sonar technology as an analogy.

A Sonar allows us to detect objects that cannot be seen by observing the surface of the water.

Like a ship's sonar, it requires an expert to understand the exact nature of those objects and to navigate through potential hazards.

iamPeterg MindSonar Sonar



A detailed 30-page in-depth profile of your cognitive style, behaviours and values in a given context that makes the invisible visible.

One to one feedback from our Mindsonar certified professionals to enable you to identify your strengths and work on your blind spots.

A visual overview for cognitive awareness reinforcement to ensure continued development and success.

Practical steps that will enable you to overcome those obstacles to your current success

It enables you to Be More, Do More, and ultimately Have More

MindSonar Seal

Delivered by MindSonar Professionals

Certified Cognitive Experts

You will not find MindSonar as a do-it-yourself test on the web. MindSonar is offered exclusively through a network of trained and certified professionals.

The combination of the measurement and the professional is much more powerful than just the measurement by itself.


The MindSonar tool is context-based, fine-grained, adaptable and implemented by trained professionals

This means it can be used to help you and your business or organisation overcome those obstacles that are currently holding you back.

And create more opportunities for success and business growth

Therefore implementing MindSonar into your organisation is an excellent investment

Book a discovery call to find out more.


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