What is the i am... Community?

Business owners share the common goals of profitability and success.

They best achieve their goals by becoming part of a community of like-minded business people with growth mindsets, share ideas, and make lasting connections.

Therefore, I have created a community of Vision Mission business owners who are all working together to help each other to open up those game-changing business opportunities so that we all succeed and have an amazing business and a spectacular life.

I invite you to have a 20-minute free consultation so we can establish if the i am.. Community is the right fit for you

Membership Options



i am... Success calls – 8:00 – 8:30 - Every Monday

A splendid start to the week to motivate you and help keep you focused on the ONE action you NEED to get done this week to move your business forward.  The power of ACCOUNTABILITY ensures we get things done and move forward to our success.

That is 4 significant successes a month, 52 per year.  Think of the impact that will have on you and your business?

i am... On-Track Workshop

To get the best results from our relationship marketing, we need to continue to develop and implement the knowledge we have acquired.  It is very easy to let things slip and forget to do those powerful actions that have opened up those opportunities for us.

This workshop is for us to come together once a month to work on our relationship marketing and our business, to ensure we continue to get those successes that will help us towards our vision for our business, for our family, and us.

The format will begin with sharing our successes and what has worked well for us so others may benefit, one to two education slots around various subjects that the group would like to explore, finishing with a round of ah-ha's and that all-important accountability.

If this is something you know you need to keep you On-Track and focused, then set up a call with me and I can go into more detail.

i am... Coaching

One to one coaching sessions enable you to focus on continuing to succeed in your business and move it forward rapidly.

Coaching is a significant way of contributing to the business's development and staying immersed in working on your business instead of in it.

i am... Referral Marketing

The Business Relationship Mastery programme combined with the power of MindSonar®.

Get more, HIGH quality, CONSISTANT referrals whilst networking LESS.

This course has made a significant impact on businesses that invested and followed the proven process.

How many of you TARGET MARKET clients can you handle at the moment?